Hiring Terms and Conditions

Conditions for Use of Church Premises - updated August 2021

  1. Lettings to outside Users will be considered for one off occasions or regular bookings for an extendable period of one term. 

  1. The Church retains control, possession and management of the premises and the User has no right to exclude the Church from the premises.  

  1. Applications to book the premises must be made to the Premises Manager, preferably in writing, at least 14 days before date required. 

  1. A booking form must be completed, including the full name and contact details of the person in charge, details of the proposed activity, the agreed hiring period, and details of the facilities to be used.  

  1. The premises may only be used for the purpose and during the period indicated on the booking form. Use of the premises beyond the agreed booking period will be charged for at the advertised rates. 

  1. Permission is given for use of stated rooms and facilities only.  Other areas of the building must be treated as out of bounds. Use of any areas not agreed on the booking for will be charged for at the advertised rates. 

  1. Charges for use of premises are fixed on an hourly rate but the minimum letting will be for two hours (see scale of charges).  Payment is required 14 days in advance.  

  1. Termination of a confirmed booking must be given 14 days in advance otherwise charges will be payable in full. 

  1. Priority for use of the premises will be given to Church based ministries. 

  1. The premises may only be used to run activities consistent with Christian teachings. 

  1. Children’s parties are not permitted. 

  1. Storage facilities are not available to Users not based at the Church. Users must not leave any items on the premises. Any item left on the premises without prior agreement may be disposed of. 

  1. The User is responsible for all damage (other than fair wear and tear) to the premises or any of the Church’s fixtures and fittings or equipment which is occasioned in whatever way by the use of the premises. Any damage must be reported to the Premises Manager or Church office within 24 hours. 

  1. The User has a responsibility to notify the Church of any defect in the premises or in any of the Church’s furniture or other equipment in the premises.  

  1. No alcohol may be brought onto the premises. 

  1. No smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises, including outside areas. 

  1. No confetti permitted on Church grounds. 

  1. Gambling and games of chance are not permitted on the premises. 

  1. Users should park within the marked spaces in the car park, and respect the disabled spaces. No parking on the grass outside the Church car park, as it spoils the surface. 

  1. When fund-raising events are arranged, all publicity must clearly state the name of the organisation promoting the event.  Notices must not be displayed on Church premises without prior permission. 

  1. Music and other noises must be kept at an acceptable level so as not to disturb neighbours. 

  1. The event organizer is responsible for any re-arrangement of the rooms used and cleaning that is necessary to return them to the condition as found.  Premises must be vacated by 10.00pm, all lights and heating switched off and doors secured. 

  1. Regular Users issued with a key fob are responsible for setting the alarm system on vacating the premises.  

  1. Users must ensure that they are adequately insured against all risks, including liability cover. The church will request proof of current liability cover for all hirers. When using the premises adequate supervision must be exercised by the person in charge. 

  1. The User agrees that the Church accepts no responsibility for injury or loss to person or property arising out of the use of the premises apart from such injury or loss which arises from the Church’s responsibility for the general maintenance of the premises and the User will keep the Church indemnified against any claims for which the Church is not responsible.  

  1. The User will comply with the provisions of the Church’s Health and Safety policy and will ensure that all those using the premises are aware of the appropriate safety procedures.  

  1. Where premises are to be used by children and vulnerable adults, the User agrees to comply with the Government’s ‘Safeguarding’ guidelines or recognised alternative. 

  1. A copy of the Church’s Fire and Evacuation Procedure is attached.  The User must read these and make themselves familiar with the location of the fire exits and the fire alarm points.  The User must not obstruct the fire exits or corridors and in the setting out of tables, chairs and equipment must provide adequate ‘aisles’ to allow for emergency egress from the premises at all times. 

  1. Use of the kitchen is restricted to persons that have been trained to the Church's Hygiene policy and/or individuals within the User's organisation who possess a current Hygiene Certificate.   

  1. It is the User's responsibility to make risk assessments of the processes that they intend to operate within the Church premises and determine for themselves the suitability of the premises for the intended purpose. A copy of the User’s risk assessment should be supplied with their completed booking form. 

  1. COVID-19: Users must follow current government guidance for their proposed activity. Appropriate measures for controlling the spread of COVID-19 should be included in the User’s risk assessment and must be implemented. Users must complete pre- and post- event checklists and submit these for each session. 

  1. Should the User wish to bring electrical apparatus on to the Church premises it is recommended that these have been subject to ‘PAT’ testing. 

  1. A First Aid box is provided.  If items from the box are used, the User should record what has been taken so that they can be replaced, complete an accident report and pass one copy of the report to the Church Office.  The accident report will be stored in the Church’s document safe until reviewed at the following Elders and Deacons meeting after which it will be destroyed.  No personal data will be retained and/or recorded electronically by the Church.    

  1. The Church may terminate this agreement immediately at any time if there is a breach of these conditions by the User.