Join a zoom service via the telephone

Instructions for phoning into a Zoom meeting

It is pretty easy to join via the phone, provided people understand what happens...and it is very important to know that the person making the call will be charged - the call is to a UK national number...(not premium rate) so if the caller has a phone package with inclusive calls it could be covered by that package - otherwise they will be charged the cost of a national (i.e. no local) phone call.

Assuming the cost of the call is not a problem - then the following should be followed

  • Dial the relevant ZOOM MEETING PHONE NUMBER (use this form to get the details - including the ID in step 2 - or contact the Church Office for the details)
  • Caller will hear an automated message - using the phone buttons, enter the Meeting ID: then push # (hash) on the phone
  • There will be another automated message asking for the participant number, or press hash...the caller just needs to press hash #
  • You will then be in the waiting room - unfortunately there are no messages while there - so you should just wait to be let into the meeting/service
  • When you are let in - we will see part of the telephone number (but not all of it) if we know in advance you plan to join (and the number you will use) we can keep an eye out and rename you so others know who you can then listen to the service, during this you will remain muted throughout.  After the service you will be allocated to a breakout room and you can join in the discussion with other after the service (you will need to press *9 to unmute your phone and talk to the others...then later whenever you want to leave, just need to hang up.  If there are any problems hearing (for example if it was working but you then lost sound) - you could hang up and redial and see if that makes an improvement

Simple summary instructions (check the potential cost isn't an issue) then...

  2. then enter MEETING ID followed by #,
  3. then press # when asked for "participant number", 
  4. then wait to join/hear the service
  5. Press *9 to unmute in a breakout room
  6. Hang up to leave the meeting.